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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15/07/2021The application of the total physical response method within a first grade english as a foreign language class in secondary School.Hernández Cantú, Diana Karina; López Orozco, Elda Gabriela
15/07/2021Combining listening and reading activities to favor comprehension in the EFL learning processHernández Cantú, Diana Karina; Martínez Sotomayor, Eduardo Israel
04/07/2019The elaboration of pedagogical projects and their effects in ELF learningHernández Cantú, Diana Karina; Silva Vilchis, Grecia Mayela
22/07/2022Focus on form instruction to develop linguistic competenceHernández Cantú, Diana Karina; Muñoz Hernández, Eliezer Ismael
22/07/20222"Metacognitive strategies to improve reading comprehension in a EFL classrrom"Hernández Cantú, Diana Karina; Cruz Cuellar, Leslie de la Cruz
15/07/2021Reading strategies to facilitate reading comprehension.Hernández Cantú, Diana Karina; Contreras Carreón, Alan.
04/07/2019The use of communicative activities to improve speaking skills in a first grade classHernández Cantú, Diana Karina; Martínez Rivera, Saul Hernan
15/07/2021The use of games to enhance reading comprehension in a third grade junior high EFL classHernández Cantú, Diana Karina; Flores López, Juan Francisco
04/07/2019The use of reading strategies to improve language comprehensionHernández Cantú, Diana Karina; Martínez Hernández, Viridiana Edith
15/07/2021The use of role plays to develop communicative competence in a first grade secondary EFL classHernández Cantú, Diana Karina; Pérez Rodríguez, Alejandro Rafael
15/07/2021The use of soft gamification in an EFL class to increase motivation.Hernández Cantú, Diana Karina; López Pérez, Gerardo
15/11/2021"The use of visual aids to develop reading comprehension skills in a first grade of secondary school"Hernández Cantú, Diana Karina; Balderas Grimaldo, Gloria Mariana
15/07/2021"Visual aids to facilitate comprehension and production in an efl class"Hernández Cantú, Diana Karina; Jiménez Escobar, Valeria
04/07/2019Vocabulary and its effects on EFL learning in a 1st grade middle school groupHernández Cantú, Diana Karina; Flores, Zulema Mónica