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Title: The use of communicative activities to improve speaking skills in a first grade class
Authors: Hernández Cantú, Diana Karina
Martínez Rivera, Saul Hernan
Keywords: Salón de clases
Competencia comunicativa
Comunicación oral
Habilidades comunicativas
Lenguaje oral
Issue Date:  4
Publisher: Benemérita y Centenaria Escuela Normal del Estado de San Luis Potosí
Abstract: Introduction: The use of communicative activities to improve a second language, in this case was English. The current research was carried out to investigate that through using Communicative activities students could improve the use of speaking skill inside a secondary school classroom. Methods: The descriptive analysis of this research was conducted on 25 students of First Grade in at a Secondary School through different communicative activities such as role plays in different contexts, spelling activities and a broken telephone activity. All of this were evaluated through a checklist adapted from ESL activities and focused just on the speaking skill. Results: A total of 12 students were able to improve their use of speaking skills. After I compiled all the results of the different classes analyzed and observed my students I could conclude that what I obtained was not what I was expected because not even the 50% of students have could improve their speaking skills. Conclusion: The findings indicated that students had to study and do review on their own. It is hard to work when they could not practice the language outside classroom due to the fact that they feel more comfortable using their mother tongue as they comment during the school year 2018-2019.
Description: Ensayo Pedagógico
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