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Title: the use of communicative activities to promote speaking appropriacy in a first grade secondary school group
Authors: Rosa Leyva,Juan Gerardo de la
Zapata Dimas, Angel Yeriel
Keywords: Speaking
Communicative activities
Issue Date:  22
Publisher: Benemérita y Centenaria Escuela Normal del Estado de San Luis Potosí
Abstract: The present document is titled “The use of communicative activities to promote speaking appropriacy in a first-grade secondary school group” took place at the technical secondary No. 35, located in “Amapola” and “Tulipan” streets, in Santa Rosa 1st section neighborhood, in San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí. This investigation came from personal and academic interest, to mention the main reason was, that while learning a second language the speaking skill was considered the most complex to develop. The process of the pedagogical document followed several stages; The first step was the observation stage, then, the identification of a problem or need, to later on, develop bibliographic research in order to design an action plan that was implemented in the selected focus group, the 1° grade, group “C”, which, had specific characteristics such as; the interest to work with speaking activities and the willingness to interact in pairs or groups. The objective of this research was to impact learner’s oral production focusing in appropriacy sub-skill. Based on communicative activities as the way to increase participation, and the use of designed tools to motivate learners to speak in class.
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