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Title: The use of lexical chunks to increase students' oral participation in a class of first grade.
Authors: Rosa Leyva ,Juan Gerardo de la
Arredondo Robledo, Ariadna
Keywords: Oral participation
Lexical chunks
Language function
Grammatical structures
Issue Date:  15
Publisher: Benemérita y Centenaria Escuela Normal del Estado de San Luis Potosí
Abstract: It is necessary to develop speaking skills in a foreign language in order to achieve an effective communication. That is why in this study, was decided to affect the students’ oral participation in class with the use of lexical chunks that help learners to focus only on the language function and not on the grammatical structure that compose them. The lack of oral participation was identified in the classes with first grade students, group B from the secondary school Escuela Secundaria Técnica No. 35. Lexical chunks were used throughout the different stages of the class to increase the students’ oral participation in a way, avoiding the explanation of grammar and focusing only on the lexical chunk function. Also, extrinsic motivation strategies were applied for an impact on the students. Its elaboration purpose was to increase students’ oral participation and the improvement on my teaching practice. This pedagogical essay narrates the methodology followed for its development; based on an observation, phenomenon identification, strategies application, the obtained results, and the factors that caused them. As well the achievements obtained that were not expected are mentioned, such as the involvement of writing skill.
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