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Title: “The use of learning games to promote speaking in a 1st grade group of secondary school”
Authors: Rosa Leyva ,Juan Gerardo de la
Rangel Macías, Mariana Itzel
Keywords: learning games
oral skill
work tools
Issue Date:  15
Publisher: Benemérita y Centenaria Escuela Normal del Estado de San Luis Potosí
Abstract: "This pedagogical essay, called ""The use of learning games to promote speaking in the first group of high school"" is intended for students in first grade of high school to develop oral ability through the strategy of using different games of learning, to be able to have communication in a second language. “Games are frequently used in CLT. The students fin them enjoyable if they are properly designed, they give students valuable communicative practice”. (Freeman, 2000) The strategy of implementing learning games is a very important role in the learning of the students, since it is intended to awaken their interest through dynamic classes, taking into account the expectations that they have regarding the classes. This study was carried out with the study group ""1 ° D"" in the general secondary school ""Francisco González Bocanegra"", the general characteristics of the group were analyzed starting from the general to the particular, a diagnostic evaluation was designed in order to demonstrate the low level they had in oral communication and an opinion poll was prepared to take into account how the students wanted to learn. The activities that were designed were implemented through the game, since through this the students are motivated to want to be a participant in them, as well as promoting socialization, since it allows them to be in contact with others. The work tools created for the development of the investigation are described in detail, as well as the good result obtained when designing and applying said strategy, giving it validity by showing graphs of results"
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