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Title: “The use of a Project to promote Speaking Skills in a Foreign Language (ELF) class, with third secondary grade”
Authors: Rosa Leyva ,Juan Gerardo de la
Vázquez Mendoza, Adrina Vianney
Keywords: Project
Speaking skills
Cooperative work
Communicative activities
Oral communication.
Issue Date:  15
Publisher: Benemérita y Centenaria Escuela Normal del Estado de San Luis Potosí
Abstract: "The pedagogical essay, “The use of a Project to promote Speaking Skills in a Foreign Language (ELF) class, with third secondary grade” consists of evaluating my own teaching practice with a third-year group, at the “Dionisio Zavala Almedarez” Middle School. It was intended to help students express in a second language through the use of projects, which is a multidisciplinary approach that stimulates cooperative work, building on the strengths of students and allowing them to explore their areas of interest within the framework of the curriculum. Besides, the projects carried out were able to motivate the students, that in this way they were not afraid to express themselves orally. In the same way, the activities were hoped to be different, through which the students and the teacher could always had the purpose of learning something new, so, they had the confidence to express themselves in the English language. In order to succeed with the use of projects with Communicative Activities (CA), the Task Based Learning (TBL) methodology was used. Since, it is a methodology that places students in the real world, in addition, it uses oral communication to achieve a specific task. In this case, the project that was planned. The tasks were activities where the language was used by the student with the purpose to communicative to achieve a result. The use of projects helped the students to show a greater sense of responsibility towards their own learning, because, the students realized that many times their learning depends on the performance that they demonstrate and that the teacher is only a guide for them. Different challenges were faced, such as; changing the way the teacher communicates with the students, there were moments in which students did not understand, creating a sense of frustration not to be able to communicate with the young learners. "
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